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Kieyyuel sharing: use of infrared thermometer

Time: 2020-09-02 17:39:09

Author: 广东深普科技有限公司


What are the features of infrared thermometer? Kieyyuel Xiaobian to say: infrared thermometer is designed to measure human body temperature, but also can measure environmental temperature, object temp

What are the features of infrared thermometer?Kieyyuel Xiaobian to say: infrared thermometer is designed to measure human body temperature, but also can measure environmental temperature, object temperature, etc. The infrared temperature measuring probe has high precision and stable performance. The infrared thermometer has the sound prompt function of high body temperature, and the power saving function of automatic shutdown makes consumers love it more.

Infrared thermometers are widely used

1. Accurate measurement of human body temperature, instead of the traditional mercury thermometer.

2. Measure the skin surface temperature of human body, such as medical skin surface temperature measurement.

3. Measure the surface temperature of an object, such as the temperature measurement of the surface of a tea cup.

4. Measure the temperature of the liquid, such as the temperature of the baby's bath water, the temperature of the milk in the bottle, etc. The temperature range is - 50 ℃ - 480 ℃.

Is the infrared thermometer accurate?

Is the infrared thermometer accurate? Infrared thermometer is a kind of thermometer which uses the principle of infrared to measure body temperature. The components of infrared thermometer are mainly electronic accessories, so the accuracy of infrared thermometer measurement depends on the electronic accessories used. Infrared thermometer belongs to electronic instrument, so there will be some error when using, but the result will not appear too big deviation, will not affect the measurement result.

Our common "temperature gun" is a kind of infrared thermometer. When using, as long as the "muzzle" is aimed at the object to be measured, the display screen of "gun tail" can directly report the temperature of that object with numbers. This wonderful "pistol" can measure the temperature in the range of - 20 ~ 1600 ℃! When people walk near it, the measurement results are automatically converted into oral temperature.

The medical temperature measuring gun is used in the area where infectious diseases occur. It uses far-infrared light signal to measure the temperature of human body without touching human body. It has special use in SARS period and avian influenza period. The temperature is designed to be - 50 ~ 480 ℃. The low temperature measurement of - 50 ℃ is easy to realize, and it can also be used in low temperature areas such as northeast and northwest.

The principle of infrared thermometer is to convert the radiant energy of infrared emitted by objects into electrical signals. The size of infrared radiation energy corresponds to the temperature of the object (such as molten steel), and the temperature of the object (such as molten steel) can be determined according to the size of the converted electrical signal.

How to use infrared thermometer

What are the use methods of infrared thermometer? As we know, infrared thermometers are mainly divided into contact type and non-contact type. The use of infrared thermometer is relatively simple, whether the elderly or children, can be easily learned. And infrared thermometer does not contain mercury, reading clear, safe and environmental protection, more and more families welcome. Infrared thermometer is very suitable for families and hospitals. In the airport security department, the thermometer often used is also infrared thermometer.

Next, we will learn the correct use of infrared thermometer

1. Before the measurement, in order to obtain reliable measurement data, when the greenhouse changes greatly, the infrared electronic thermometer should be placed indoors for 15-20 minutes to use. If the change is not big, it can be used directly.

2. Gently lift your hair away.

3. Wipe the sweat off your head and make sure it is not covered by cosmetics or hats.

4. Aim the infrared thermometer at the center of your forehead.

5. The measured distance is 3-5cm.

6. Press the measurement switch and the infrared thermometer will immediately display the temperature.

7. It should be noted that according to the skin color, thickness and human body parts, as well as when the ambient temperature changes greatly, the measured temperature values will be different. This is a normal phenomenon, because the more exposed the human body parts are, the more affected by the temperature.

8. After the measurement is completed, the data will be stored and the measured temperature results will be automatically saved. These data will be displayed in the lower right corner of the LED. Press the "up" button to view the stored data.

9. If the forehead sweating or other reasons cause the forehead can not respond to the body temperature normally, it can be measured from the back of the earlobe.

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