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How long can protective clothing be used? What is the function of protective clothing?

Issuing time:2020-04-21 22:29


  I saw many medical staff wearing protective clothing on TV. Now the medical materials are tense. How long can the protective clothing last? What is the use of medical protective clothing?            1、 How long can the protective clothing last            As the case may be. According to the service life, medical protective clothing can be divided into disposable protective clothing and reusable protective clothing. Disposable protective clothing is discarded after use without disinfection and washing. It is convenient to use and can avoid cross infection. However, the degradation of disposable materials is slow and easy to cause environmental pollution. This type of protective surgical clothing and isolation clothing is usually used. After reuse, it needs washing, high temperature disinfection and other measures. Generally, the comfort of the material is better, but the protective performance is generally poor. This type of daily work clothes with little protective requirements are usually used.         

   2、 What is the use of medical protective clothing            1. Protection            The protective property is the most important performance requirement of medical protective clothing, mainly including liquid barrier, microbial barrier and particle material barrier.           

2. Physical and mechanical properties            The physical and mechanical properties mainly refer to the tear resistance, puncture resistance and wear resistance of medical protective clothing materials. Avoid tearing and puncturing places to provide channels for the spread of bacteria and viruses, and wear-resistant places can prevent falling flocs from providing places for the propagation of bacteria and viruses.           

3. Other performance            In addition to the performance listed above, the medical protective clothing shall also have the performance of disinfection tolerance, good color fastness to washing, shrinkage prevention, non combustion supporting, non-toxic, non irritant, harmless to the skin, etc.         

   3、 Three level protection of medical protective clothing            Primary protection            1. Wear work clothes, isolation clothes, work caps and medical protective masks.            2. Wash and disinfect hands immediately after each contact with the patient. For hand disinfection, use 0.3-0.5% Iodophor disinfectant or quick hand disinfectant to knead for 1-3 minutes.            3. It is recommended to wear gloves when contacting suspicious body fluids, secretions, excreta and other substances.            Secondary protection         

1. When entering the isolation and observation room, special ward and laboratory testing personnel must wear medical protective masks, which shall be replaced once every 4 hours or when they feel damp; they shall wear work clothes, protective clothes, isolation clothes, shoe covers, gloves and work caps.            2. Wash and disinfect hands immediately after each contact with the patient. For hand disinfection, use 0.3-0.5% Iodophor disinfectant or quick hand disinfectant to knead for 1-3 minutes.       

3. When the patient is operated at close range, they should wear protective glasses.       

4.When carrying out operations that may cause splashing, wear protective glasses or face masks, and pay attention to the protection of respiratory tract and mucous membrane.            Three level protection            On the basis of the secondary protection, a comprehensive respiratory protective device is added.           

4、 How to use protective clothing            How to wear protective clothing         

   1. Check the validity and integrity of the protective clothing and select the appropriate model;         

   2. Open the protective clothing and pull the zipper to a proper position;           

3. First put on the clothes, then put on the coat, and then put the protective cap on the head (the protective cap should cover the disposable cap completely), pull up the zipper and seal the zipper opening.            How to take off protective clothing       

    1. Untie the sealant strip, open the zipper, and pull up the hat to make it separate from the head;           

2. Take off the sleeve, take off the protective clothing from the top to the bottom and roll it into a package shape, with the pollution facing inside. During the process of taking off the protective clothing, it is not allowed to touch the outer and inner work clothes of the protective clothing, so as to ensure no secondary pollution;       

    3. Put the removed protective clothing into the medical waste container.

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