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Precautions for wearing masks

Issuing time:2020-04-18 05:02


(1) Wash hands before wearing the mask and before and after taking off the mask;
(2) To keep the mask close to the face:
① The colored side of the mask is outward and the metal side is upward;
② Fasten the rope to fix the mask, or wrap the rubber band around the ear to make the mask close to the face;
③ The mask should cover the nose and chin completely;
④ Press the metal piece on the mask tightly along the two sides of the bridge of nose to make the mask close to the face.
(3) After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask to avoid reducing the protection effect; if it is necessary to touch the mask, wash hands thoroughly before and after touching.
(4) When removing the mask, try to avoid touching the outer part of the mask, because it may be contaminated.
(5) After taking off the mask, put it into the tape or paper bag, and then put it into the dustbin with cover for disposal.
(6) The mask shall be replaced at least once a day. If it is damaged or soiled, it shall be replaced immediately.

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