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When the epidemic holds hands with fashion, will you be moved?

Issuing time:2020-09-29 10:24Link:


While the epidemic continues to ravage Europe and The United States,and the number of confirmed cases remains high, strange operations have emerged abroad. The French luxury brand Louis Vuitton (LV) recently announced that it will sell a $961 face mask (approximately RMB 6,566) to the world at the end of October, trying to add personal protection to the gold-studded fashion item.

Judging from the mask samples released by LV, this mask is printed with a clearly distinguishable classic logo monogram,   with golden studs on the side. Although many netizens said that this kind of face mask has long been common in our country. However, according to LV's description of the product-this is a "eye-catching mask, both stylish and effective protection."


(The picture comes from the Internet)

It is said that global fashion is led by a few brands. Now that LV has launched a new transparent face mask, it has naturally attracted the attention and "follow the trend" of the fashion industry. In addition to LV, the US company Covidisor also launched similar products. The protective equipment it designed not only protects the mouth, nose and face, but also covers the entire head with a transparent ball, just like aerospace. According to Covidisor, the hood comes with an electronic air flow device, which is very comfortable to wear. Of course, the price of $245   is also very impressive.

Pursue transparency and wearability

Under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention, it is understandable for clothing brands or design companies to launch epidemic prevention items. The high prices are also in line with their brand positioning, but after summarizing the characteristics of several new products, it is not difficult to find that "transparency" is the gola   pursued by many brands.

It should be noted that the US Department of Disease Control earlier issued a warning, although masks can provide some protection to some parts, such as the eyes, it is still not recommended to replace masks , because“so far,it is not clear how much protection masks can provide, especially in the face of the droplet transmission of viruses."

The US Department of Disease Control also stated that it is necessary to wash hands with disinfectant before and after using the mask, and avoid receiving parts such as mouth, nose and eyes when removing the mask.

It is also understood that the official website of Louis Vuitton introduced that the design theme of the Cruise series in 2021 is "stationary journey". The reason for the name is that many people cannot arrange a lot of travel during the new coronavirus pandemic.