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About 50,000 people die every week due to the COVID-19

Issuing time:2020-09-22 15:53Link:


The WHO recently warned that the 2019-nCoV has not disappeared, and about 50,000 people still die every week due to the new crown virus.Maria van Kokhoff, technical director of the WHO health emergency project, pointed out on the 18th that “hundreds” of seroepidemic studies being conducted by global health officials indicate that “most people in the world are susceptible to.


In fact, the fatality rate of this virus is far lower than that of infectious diseases such as Ebola. However, due to insufficient attention and lack of prevention, large-scale infections have become difficult and severe.If you want to ensure the health of yourself and your family, and return to the original state of life, it is particularly important to do a good job of protection.

We can protect ourselves by the following measures:

1. Keep wearing a mask. Whether it is a hard-hit foreign epidemic or a stable period in China, it is necessary to insist on wearing a mask. When going in and out of hospitals, shopping malls, and subways, we must focus on protection.

(Picture: The correct way to wear a mask)

2.Keep your hands clean. It is obviously a good choice to bring a pair of disposable PVC gloves when caring for patients or going to the hospital. It can isolate germs from the hands and reduce the difficulty of cleaning the hands.

There are so many products on the Internet that it is difficult to choose. This disposable PVC glove produced by KIEYYUEL,it has been well received by customers.


4.Maintain a safe distance for interpersonal communication. In the

United States, Brazil and other places where the risk of infection is high, the proportion of people infected with the 2019-nCov is very high. If we consciously maintain a distance of 6 inches when talking, we can reduce the risk of infection to a certain extent.

1. Monitor your health status at all times. Keep measuring your body temperature every day and pay attention to the signs of physical discomfort. Finally, maintain adequate sleep, a balanced diet, reasonable intake of nutrients, and maintain appropriate exercise every week to improve self-resistance.


Ending this battle against the 2019-nCov as soon as possible requires everyone and every country to work together.