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On 13 July, WHO Director General Tan Desai delivered a speech. Let me blunt,too many countries are headed in the wrong d...
  I saw many medical staff wearing protective clothing on TV. Now the medical materials are tense. How long can the prot...
 In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, how to do a good job in all aspects of protection, so that ch...
  Guangdong Shenpu Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on February 25, 2020, with its registered address in Chang'an Town, ...
1、 Dust resistance efficiency The efficiency of respirator is based on its barrier efficiency to fine dust, e...
We all know that the air quality pollution is becoming more and more serious, and there are often haze in many areas, wh...
(1) Wash hands before wearing the mask and before and after taking off the mask;(2) To keep the mask close to the face:①...