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Kieyyuel shares with you: how parents choose masks for children

Time: 2020-09-02 18:28:11

Author: 广东深普科技有限公司

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Parents may have these questions when choosing masks to protect their children from the virus. For example, how old can a child wear a mask? What kind of mask should the child wear? Is N95 suitable fo

Should children wear masks? There is no doubt that the answer is yes, because wearing masks can effectively prevent the spread of virus droplets.

Parents may have these questions when choosing masks to protect their children from the virus. For example, how old can a child wear a mask? What kind of mask should the child wear? Is N95 suitable for children? There is a lot of information on the Internet, but it is difficult to screen. Here, Kieyyuel Xiaobian summarizes a more detailed information for parents to choose and buy.

1. How old can a child wear a mask?

When shopping online, you can usually see that there are two specifications of children's masks from their ages, generally 0-3 years old and above (different countries or brands have differences).

Does that mean that a child born can wear a mask? In fact, according to the Illinois Department of public health, masks are not recommended for infants under six months of age. Even if it is 0-3 years old, it is easy for infants to fall off. At the same time, infants and young children can not express their unwillingness to wear masks or feel uncomfortable. Children may also feel uncomfortable due to facial obstructions, so they can use their hands to help them break free of the shackles of masks, and can not consciously avoid touching the external contaminated surface of masks like adults. In addition, from the perspective of safety, parents can not observe the face changes and breathing of children with masks

Liu Liping, director of the Institute for disinfection and vector prevention and control of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, said: under non epidemic conditions, children are generally not recommended to wear masks, for fear of causing him to have poor breathing and the risk of suffocation.

Based on the opinions of all parties, it is not recommended that children under 1 year old wear masks. During the epidemic or flu season, children should avoid going out to crowded places as much as possible。

2. What kind of masks should children wear?

There are three kinds of masks in our daily life: ordinary cotton mask, medical surgical mask / disposable mask and N95 mask

Their main functions and differences are as follows:

① Cotton mask: it is mainly used to prevent cold and dust, and can not prevent infection.

② Disposable mask (such as medical nursing mask, medical surgical mask): it can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent, but cannot prevent haze.

③ N95 mask: can effectively prevent respiratory tract infection, at the same time can prevent haze.

Metaanalysis results show that :

There was no significant difference between N95 protective mask and medical surgical mask in the prevention of infectious acute respiratory infection in clinical environment. In other words, for the purpose of self-protection and reducing the risk of respiratory tract infection, wearing the latter two kinds of masks (medical surgical mask, anti haze mask) can be used. The main difference between them is whether to prevent haze. We can choose according to individual needs。

The protective effect of cotton cloth, sponge and other masks on respiratory tract infection is poor, and it is better to choose medical surgical masks if conditions permit. Children's masks should choose products that meet national standards and label children's or teenagers' particulate matter protective masks. Regular medical masks belong to medical products. The codes of production license and medical equipment registration can be found on the package。

3. Do children have medical masks?

Although the protective effect of medical surgical masks is good, there are less medical surgical masks that can be purchased for children. Medical nursing masks and disposable medical masks can also be used for general outdoor protection. If the masks are found to be stolen or contaminated, they should be replaced in time.

4. Can children wear N95 masks?

We can find that there are many N95 masks for children on major shopping platforms. However, it is generally recognized that N95 masks are not suitable for children. Even N95 masks with breathing valve will reduce air and make it difficult for children to breathe. In general, children and ordinary adults who are not front-line medical staff or anti epidemic personnel do not need to wear N95 masks, but can use general medical surgical masks, which mainly play a role in preventing droplets。

5. Under what circumstances do children not wear masks?

If the family members are in good health, and there are no suspected patients, family members coming back from the epidemic area, and there are no close contacts in the home, children who do not go out can not wear masks if the environment is ventilated at home.

In addition, even if it is necessary to go out, it is not recommended that children under 1 year old wear masks. At this time, parents should pay attention to the protection of their children. When they are outside, they should not touch others or touch things with their hands, and clean them in time when they get home.

6. What should I do when I can't buy children's masks?

At present, children do not need to go to school and go out, so they don't need to wear masks at home. After the relief of material shortage, masks can be purchased under the government's control. Parents can purchase masks online, and some areas can register with pharmacies to purchase some regular masks。

Mask is novel coronavirus infection prevention important defense line, and now under the condition of tight protective materials, should be rational protection, try to save。

7. How to wear mask correctly? What should be paid attention to when wearing?

Children should wear children's masks as much as possible because their faces are small and can not fit the edge of adult masks. Before wearing the mask, children should master the correct use method with the help of parents (the same as that of adults), including avoiding contact with the outside of the mask when taking off the mask, pressing the edge of the mask to fit the nose, discarding the mask, etc

Parents should pay attention to the wearing of children's masks at any time. If they find that children feel uncomfortable, short of breath, shortness of breath and breathlessness, they should adjust or stop using them in time。

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